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Q: Who are you?

A: We are a group of activists, journalists, and concerned citizens who have had enough of the damage that has been done to our country by the actions of a limited number of corrupt officials.

Q: I don’t have documents that prove corruption but I would like to report it. Is that possible?

A: Absolutely! Please submit any and all information you have on the names, details, and circumstances of individuals or individual instances of corruption and we will investigate.

Q: Is this secure? If I report a corrupt official will I remain anonymous?

A: Everything submitted is entirely secure and anonymous. We do not store details of where the information was received from.

Q: What happens to the information I provide?

A: Information we receive is collated and cross-checked with information we have already received. Once verified, the information is released to Greek media.

Q: Can I make a donation?

A: Thank you for your interest, but we are self-supporting, and require no funds. The best way to help is to spread the word about our work.

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